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Thread: netbook experiences?

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    hi guys..

    just got myself a HP mini netbook the other day a few days short of the IT fair...
    i thought it was decent with a 1.6ghz processor and 2gb of ram...
    its mainly for portability in school work but i thought i could probably start editing/selecting photos on the go with this thing... the 10' screen is a bit small to edit on i must admit haha... colours arent too bad though...

    so far i've installed photoshop and lightroom without any problems but havent actually had to use them yet...

    anyone had any experience editing photos on netbooks and how laggy it is?

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    I have been editing on my MacBook Pro 2.16. If you don't have problems... I guess it's all good then but 10-inch? Gosh... hahaha.

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    The performance of LR is tolerable but PS may be pushing it. I had tried using Nikon Capture NX 2 and performance is slow. For me, the biggest problem is with the screen size, rather than the performance. The screen on my Lenovo S10 is too small for proper photo-editing. May get a LCD monitor in the upcoming IT show.
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    To set the expectation right, ATOM processor is meant to be slower and low power consumption, including disk I/O etc for netbook. Heavy lag when launching apps, installation, copy files is normal.

    Some photo editing tool may expect certain display resolution, so test installing first before buying the software for netbook.

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    wow, this will test your patience.

    Wife's netbook seems way too slow to even think about putting on LR or PS. HD access is very, very slow.


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