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Thread: Mac book pro batter die.

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    Default Mac book pro batter die.

    Bros here, my mac book pro batter die, cannot charge now, will apple care cover it?

    my friend ask me to send to the shop in orchard borders area, any where else can i send to? cos some shop will charge for admin fee, and different prices also n that fee.

    pls advise. thks in advance.

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    Default Re: Mac book pro batter die.

    If this is within your apple care cover period, you may wish to send to

    Singapore Apple South Asia Pte Ltd
    7 Ang Mo Kio Street 64
    Singapore 569086

    Shouldnt be a problem if required to change the battery for you.
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    Default Re: Mac book pro batter die.

    see this

    Apple has recently discovered that some batteries used in its MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks may have battery performance issues. Apple is offering a software update that is designed to address these issues.

    The battery update is available immediately via Software Update or downloadable here.

    Note: The factors causing the performance issues do not present a safety risk. You may continue to use your current battery.

    This battery update should be run on all MacBook and MacBook Pro computers and extra batteries that were purchased between February 2006 and April 2007.

    If, after you have installed the battery update, your battery has any of the symptoms listed below, please make a reservation to bring your computer with its battery to your local Apple Retail Store, or bring it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP), or call your local Apple Support Contact Center. If Apple or an AASP determines that your battery is eligible for replacement, you will receive a new battery, free of charge, even if your MacBook or MacBook Pro is out of warranty.

    For MacBook and MacBook Pro systems with Intel Core Duo processors, this program extends repair coverage on the battery for up to two years from the date of purchase of the computer.

    Identifying an affected battery

    Affected batteries will have one or more of the following symptoms:

    Battery is not recognized causing an “X” to appear in the battery icon in the Finder menu bar.
    Battery will not charge when computer is plugged into AC power.
    Battery exhibits low charge capacity/runtime when using a fully charged battery with a battery cycle count (as shown in System Profiler) of less than 300.
    Battery pack is visibly deformed.
    Note: If your MacBook or MacBook Pro battery does not have any of the symptoms noted above, your battery does not need to be replaced.

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    Default Re: Mac book pro batter die.

    IIRC, macbook/pro battery is only covered for 6 months. so check with Apple care.

    i always go to Apple AMK. they are Apple singapore. not the distributor. all online purchase goes thru them.

    here their address 7 Ang Mo Kio Street 64, Singapore 569086.

    as like other service centre. you got to pressure them to get things done and also dun forget to take pictures of your item b4 sending it and when collecting, check and double check. also dn forget to bring a harcopy of your warranty. print out from the online database. make life way easier for u mate.
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