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Thread: PS to what extend?

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    hi I just got my friend to be my model for a photoshoot.
    Before I processed them, she's cute and unique by some features.
    Eg like a tiny 'hu ya' protruding out from the rest of the teeth.

    will you guys ps the pictures such as 'whitening' and 'filing' off the tooth?

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    Depends on what you want your final result to look like. I think everyone has different preference, not to mention, project specifications if you're doing for a client.

    If you have chosen that model to be the talent for the photoshoot, I would reckon you have considered her features.

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    'Whitening' of tooth though is almost always a definate yes. And at times also the white portion of the eye. However, it is only to a certain degree, and never 'white', which looks very fake.

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    Yes, if need be I'd also clone and reshape her teeth

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    Default Re: PS to what extend?

    if you like her "cute and unique" features, why PS them away?

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    For me very standard teeth whitening, eye whitening, skin smoothing, clone away scars blemishes etc. If not enough then I start to alter features. Anyway u can clone away the tiger tooth on one photo and let your client compare side by side which one is more pleasing to them before u shop the whole lot.


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