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Thread: Advice from PhotoShelter Users??

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    Hi guys,

    Reading all the advices on making photography a money making business, whether as wedding photographer or selling stock photos, doesn't sound so easy as it takes commitments and hefty investments. Was thinking of selling some photos taken when travelling, no harm trying

    I've stumbled upon photoshelter, and I would really like to know anyone has any experience to share regarding the quality of this website and also the ROI experienced? Is it as effective as a hub for the photo buyers or it's just a plain online archive.?

    Any experience or comment on Photoshelter shared will be awesome.!

    Thanks a lot.

    daveybaby - Canon EOS 5D Mark II & EOS 40D
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    Default Re: Advice from PhotoShelter Users??

    any advice?
    daveybaby - Canon EOS 5D Mark II & EOS 40D
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    If you are expecting them to make you rich ---- it is not going happen. They had to restruct this year and there was a lot of unhappiness over the suddenness and the fact that payments made under the old company were I think not transfered to the new.


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