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Thread: Goodbye 師父!

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    "Bill from Kill Bill killed by thrill" ~ The Sun

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    share a joke with you guys.
    was at macdonalds this morning.
    bunch of uncles next to my table was incidently talking about this.

    and suddenly one said

    'yi par chiu cheng si ah?'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sion View Post

    Goodbye Master Carradine!

    You have inspired a generation of TV kungfu fighters!

    You may be gone but your kungfu lives on!
    I was going to say, "What kungfu dat ", but thought it might be crass, so I didn't

    Now, where is the delete again ?

    Ohhh ...
    Time, is an effortless construction :)

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    hmmm... my avatar & 'location' that i have been using since 2005 should change already...

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