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Thread: Tripod/allhead Recommendation

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    Hi all

    I've been contemplating a travellling tripod for close to 2 weeks now. Been doing some research and I've filtered my choices down to these:
    Slik 713 CF II
    Manfrotto 190CX3
    Manfrotto 190CXPro3
    Manfrotto 190CXPro4
    Velbon Neo Carmagne 530,540

    In terms of weight, they're about as light as it gets (1.3~1.4kg for the Slik-Manfrottos, 1.4~1.5kg for the Velbons), so I was wondering if it's ideal for travelling?

    I'm going for a 3 months trip to Europe, so i gather taht i'll be using it often for landscapes). Anyone has any experience on which is the no.1,2,3 most important factor to consider?

    Also, I checked out the various tripods and out of the lot, the Velbon has the quickest release/lock as it uses the twist lock system (the k13 marketing guy was really quite good with demonstrating it). Slik's twist locking system isn't fantastic, as you hve to lock the top column and then the bottom either when using or keeping the tripod(in sequence). Manfrotto uses a snap lock (or whatever you call it), so it's not the most convenient, and can't quite hold down as much weight when im pressing on it as compared to the velbon-slik.
    Load capacity for the manfrottos-slik are 5kg while the velbon im not so sure. help?

    My setup would be just a 40d + canon 10-22mm lens (although in future im looking to get a 70-200mm to complement it) so most likely it's within 5kg load capacity. As it's probably gonna get used most frequently, I was also wondering if any bros have other feedback to add. Would be great to hear!

    Ballhead wise, help! I'm quite clueless also. Btw is a ballhead more important in terms of how much it can hold, than the tripod legs?

    Thanks alot in advance!

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    Default Re: Tripod/allhead Recommendation

    These sort of questions pop up about twice a week. Please try a search.

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    i did, it's just that there's quite a lot of info and not all of it's relevant to what i mentioned specifically for some tripods only. It's a cross comparison. There's this other thread for 190cx3 vs 190cxpro3/4 and it's useful, it's just that i had other factors to consider so im looking for help from those who have had experience with these other tripods. SOrry if im being blunt.


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