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    It's good for the interior photog to go look at architect/interior designer's perspectives and see how this can be translated into print.

    I see a lot of interior photogs fail because they did not do justice to the architect/interior design's creations eg did not capture artificial ambient light, blown lighting, ackward perspectives/angles, no understanding of eye-level perspectives, inappropriate choice of lens, do not know how to complement existing lighting etc.

    My 2 cts.
    Just a few imo. They are the answers to the wrong question i guess.

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    recently, i shot these with a canon 450d and 10-22mm lens in a condo unit. an ultra wide angle lens is definitely a bonus when shooting interiors!

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    I use a Canon 1DsMkIII and predominantly with a 24-70 F2.8L - I value the flexibility of framing in a tight corner rather than using my 24 TSE - each to his own though.


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    imho an interior photographer shld learn to talk the same language as interior designers/architects. in many instances i m very comfortable discussing ideas with them with regards to detailing, colour schemes, types of flooring tiles, lighting etc. sometimes i can even identify where they source their materials from.

    i can see my clients' eyes light up when they realise that i know and appreciate their work. and they are confident that i can do justice to their hard work by transferring their perspective drawing onto photo print.

    The interior photog should not be the GWC who just goes in, shoot and leaves with no appreciation for the ID.

    Both pix below shot with available light only.

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