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Thread: In whatever you are doing

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    Just sit down and think back............ for the last 2-3yrs......... what is the most memorable things that have happened in yoru life........ if u cannot think of anything other than work and study....... u wasted it!!

    Learn to slow down, walk abit slower (not crawl), take time to listen.... talk less. Learn to enjoy life..... its not only about working, studying and sex ............ cheers!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by forward View Post
    When I follow your instruction, my brain will be dead and would have missed
    my life's mission. Don't you think so?

    mmm....maybe just myself.....

    Life can be simple, only ourselves make it complicated.

    Just like Sion Had mentioned....Take time out to smell the flowers.

    Sometime i just sit inside the woods and relax without shooting anything........i might miss many good shots, but i got a chance to really enjoy the nature. It calm me down and have a clearer mind for future shots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forward View Post
    Can you explain more how I can be more clear about my

    Does working hard means working longer hours or going
    the extra mile (work extra hours without being paid)?

    I think maybe you're overworked while at the same time feeling unaccomplished with the the efforts you're putting in. Disillusioned with your career and future perhaps? Guess most of us will experience this some time in our life.

    If not happy with work, just try looking for a new one. But no job's perfect, sure got ups and downs. Singapore is infamous for people working overtime without extra pay, but at least we don't have employees dying like in Japan for being overworked.

    Must really find a way to de-stress yourself. Taking photos has that effect on me.

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