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Thread: Request: Pictures of Kusu Island pilgrimage

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    Default Request: Pictures of Kusu Island pilgrimage

    Hi guys, first of all apologies if this is in the wrong section.

    My name is Isaac and I'm a student from RP, doing my final year project this year and currently my group and I are looking for photos of Kusu Island, specifically during the pilgrimage period.

    We're planning to use the photos in a slideshow manner with audio commentary for a 5 min documentary that we are creating about Kusu. I've used the search function on the forums and while I've come across plenty of pictures with the scenery of Kusu (great pictures by the way), there has not been a lot of pictures of the people and activities on the island, which is what we're looking out for.

    So please, if you have any photos that you're keeping or, if you know anyone who has photos of the pilgrimage, or just people on Kusu in general, I would appreciate it a lot!

    Also, we're on the lookout for interviewees who have been to Kusu, if you're interested you can drop me a pm and we can work something out

    Thanks for your time!

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    Default Re: Request: Pictures of Kusu Island pilgrimage

    Hmm... I have some photos of Kusu Island taken in the year 2002, you want?

    Pictures always should have a special story behind it or a special meaning to the photographer.

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    Default Re: Request: Pictures of Kusu Island pilgrimage

    Yes please

    How should I get them from you?


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