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Thread: Laptop (repair) vs Netbook (new)

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    Default Laptop (repair) vs Netbook (new)

    I travel with a laptop. The original intent was to edit pictures when on the move in spare time to reduce the amount of time spent back at home. I chose a Sony VGN-SZ433N/B ( as it had a good screen based on the Lagom LCD monitor test images.

    Since buying (2007), I got more into colour management and decided not to edit images on the laptop as I now have a basic Eizo CE210W screen, colour calibrated). I tend to use the laptop for reviewing images taken during the day and going through and deleting poor shots/ worst of set etc. I also watch the odd movie. I'm shooting Nikon RAW so use ViewNX mostly to review.

    I recently destroyed the screen travelling. Insurance will pay out SGD 700. I now have the choice of getting the 2yr old Sony Vaio repaired by Sony (or myself if I'm feeling brave) or getting a new Netbook at that price.


    Was my original assumption wrong - could I profile the laptop and have a decent rendition? Do people use laptops to edit on and get nice prints? If I need to edit I'll need the Vaios power over the netbook.

    Should I get the netbook over the repair and save myself over half a kilo in carry on as more often my bag is getting weighed it seems. I'll also get an additional 60GB of space as the Vaio is a measly 80GB. If so, which netbooks do people recommend (particually focused on screen quality)?

    Many thanks for any thoughts

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    Default Re: Laptop (repair) vs Netbook (new)

    thanks for the thread...i was considering a net book as well. Just not too sure if a netbook will lag in terms of performance...

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    Default Re: Laptop (repair) vs Netbook (new)

    a netbook is not powerful enough for editing

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    Default Re: Laptop (repair) vs Netbook (new)

    I think netbook cannot calibrate the screen. correct me if I am wrong.

    TS not considering buying new notebook? PC show round the corner.
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    Default Re: Laptop (repair) vs Netbook (new)

    if you are only reviewing pictures and deleting the poor ones, a netbook will definitely suffice, the smalller size and lower weight of the netbook really helps on travels.

    i use a 10 inch samsung netbook and it fits my purposes well. good battery life, reasonable quality 10inch screen, light weight.
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    Default Re: Laptop (repair) vs Netbook (new)

    I would say go for a new laptop. I am also a fan of Vaio, and based of previous experience, repairing laptop is not worth it. Price wise, it would cost about half of the laptop so better add a little bit more get a new laptop, with newer and faster processor

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    Default Re: Laptop (repair) vs Netbook (new)

    get a new laptop. it's time to upgrade and IT fair is just next week.

    oh maybe a mac. haha

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    Default Re: Laptop (repair) vs Netbook (new)

    Buy a new laptop, if the main purpose of it is for editing photo.

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    Default Re: Laptop (repair) vs Netbook (new)

    Netbook is good for travelling and not used for editing.

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    Default Re: Laptop (repair) vs Netbook (new)

    I use my Lenovo S10 netbook when travelling just to download pictures from my SD card. Also to surf the net and check email.
    Any editing I wait till I am home.
    So my advice is to get a new Laptop if you want to screen quality to do serious editing. (the disadvantage is of course the size and the weight)

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    Default Re: Laptop (repair) vs Netbook (new)

    Quote Originally Posted by ale79673 View Post
    get a new laptop. it's time to upgrade and IT fair is just next week.
    Oh to be so rich . My budget is the 700 the insurance will give me. The repair through Sony is 783, so I'll have to find the other 83 (unless I buy a screen online and fit myself). Anything a netbook costs me under 700 I save, anything over I have to find. Sadly I'll be away for the IT fair

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    Default Re: Laptop (repair) vs Netbook (new)


    you dont have to wait for IT show. most of the stuff on sale usually just include extra freebies or close to retail price , and after discount normally the price of SLS/Funan or slightly lower.

    i have tried running photoshop on a netbook. results ? dont waste your time. you can still do editing, but trust me, its not that nice and smooth compared to a laptop, and also the small screen is really a pain !

    i believe all the laptops, even the entry level ones that are less than $1k are sufficient enough to run photoshop quite well. brand and specs wise is your choice but i would say go for the laptop

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    Default Re: Laptop (repair) vs Netbook (new)

    if ur only screen is damaged, I suggest that you can get it replaced in those laptop repair shop. I rmb getting my laptop screen replaced with a 2nd hand screen for less $100. Any thing more than that, I think u are better off buying a new laptop.

    There are lots of 2nd hand screen in sls, u can buy the desired size and replaced urself. Cos many of the spoilt laptops, their screens are still working.

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    Default Re: Laptop (repair) vs Netbook (new)

    Thanks to everyone for advice and comments. I went with the new MSI Wind 100 Plus netbook as it had a very good keyboard, was light, long battery life and 2GB RAM out of the box. Also cheap as they are trying to break the market here. Microware at Funan.

    Took it off to Yogyakarta, when it fitted into the front pocket of my Lowepro Stealth 400 I knew I'd made the right decision. Used it to email (draft n wireless - 300 mbps connection), Excel, watched movies on the plane, loaded my itunes and took a small travel speakers to boost the sound - in room jukebox & viewNX to sort and review pix.

    Yet to see what I can do with calibration (not much I expect). You can alter the gamma, brightness and contract and that's about it.

    Will look to getting a replacement screen as suggested at some point and seeing if I can't fix the lappy.


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