Hi guys, i just got myself a lomo ringflash. there seems to be a problem with the hotshoe.

if i attach the ringflash directly into the LX3's hotshoe, it will not fire.
the external flash will not even be detected.

i tried it with another adapter and then attach the ringflash on it, it will work.

i read from many places that using the ringflash with the LX3 is possible. the ringflash is brand new and works with all my other 3 lomo cameras.

And when i try to use my Diana F+'s flash on the LX3, it doesnt work very well too, sometimes it flashes, sometimes it doesnt. i cant help but to suspect that my LX3's hotshoe is not working well. Please please help and advice!

without the extra adapter from my Diana camera. Doesnt work at all.

with the adapter. works.

thank you so much in advance.
sorry to post it here again, the panasonic thread doesnt seem appropriate.