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Thread: Any suggestions on environmental portraits?

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    Default Any suggestions on environmental portraits?

    I am in a situation that in the next ten weeks I need to cover about ten magazine photos for my school prints..
    But with my limited experiences, I found it hard to find an angle to show the personality of my subject in a short time. For example, I have done shoots with a copywriter in her office, a radio station consultant in the station, a theatre producer in her house for last week.
    SInce I barely had any idea of who they are ,what they are like , I realize whatever Ideas I could think of might not work because the room setup or after five shots I was not sure how to proceed.

    Another thing that is challenging to me is to direct them during the shoot. Most of the time , I understand they are busy so I do not have much time.

    Adding to these problems, sometimes I don't know how to critic my own photos.. I wish I can leave them for a while and go back and think of them but I can not. Although I feel it is subjective to certain extent, but what qualifies as a good profile magazine photo?

    Most of the time, i am only using one flashlight, how to maximize the use of it to create more interesting photos? I think I will be getting some studio lights from my school in next two weeks, what is a basic equipment kit I should bring for a portrait shoot ?

    Sorry I have asked a chunk of questions that probably need more than two hours of lecture to explain,, But I 'd appreciate very much if you can just share some of your thoughts based on your own experiences on any of the questions ? Many thanks!!

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    Default Re: Any suggestions on environmental portraits?

    For environmental portraits, i always recommend a wide angle prime or UWA zoom.
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    Default Re: Any suggestions on environmental portraits?

    35-50mm 35mm equivalent

    Talk with the subject, get to know him/her personally.
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    Default Re: Any suggestions on environmental portraits?

    My question is not about the choice of lens.. By having a better lens will not make me a better photographer.

    But thanks anyway

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    Default Re: Any suggestions on environmental portraits?

    for environmental portraits, the environmental is background and your subject is the main focus, pay attention on the fine details, the background should not steal the limelight from your subject.

    since your subject is busy, just keep your set up as simple as possible, so you need not to worry too much about technical things, spend more time to interact with your subject, once you spend enough time on your subject, you will know what works on them what is not.

    hope this help.
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