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    Default Sentosa pics

    Hi, some pics that we took in Sentosa last weekend. Most of them didn't turn out too good though - these are the "better" ones.

    Profess to have a fascination with windows:

    This was a macro shot which didn't turn out sharp though

    The weather was bad, with overcast sky during most of the day

    A bit more post-processing using PS for this one:
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    Your third picture oso look like my 3rd picture when I was testing my camera.

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    hey it does look very similar!

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    hey...which part of sentosa u took the photos from?

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    The old army barracks area, one of the carparks for drive-in visitors.

    If you need more info, just feel free to ask

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    In my opinion, your second shot suffers from too shallow a DOF. For macros, which is short distance focusing, the DOF can get very shallow. You would need to shut down your aperture to f11 or f16 to get sufficient DOF.
    Just my two cents worth

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    Hi would like to know what font are u using for the text?? thanks

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    Thanks Fred, you're absolutely right. I always make that mistake for macro shots. Thanks for the tip!

    wenjiabao: I used a font called sydney if I remember correctly. You should be able to find it at


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