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    hi, will be shooting for food and drinks photography for my friend. It will be used for the menu in the restaurant. May i know what is the rate to go about? There will be about 6 cocktails, and some dishes.

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    Depends on what is your standard of food photography and also what kind of food/dishes and restaurant.

    Show us a sample of your work?

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    Have not shoot before, so nothing to show. It will be my first time shooting.
    My gear will be D300, with tamron macro 90mm. Is it good enough? Need advice, thanks!

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    Your equipment is more than capable.

    Perhaps you could consider shooting for the experience. Do as much research as you can about food photography. If you're really good at product and still life, and problem solving, it helps a little.

    Shooting food (especially commercially, which this project is), is an entirely different beast.

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    Thanks Dream Merchant.

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    Default Re: Food and drinks photography

    more importantly is the lighting and angle
    and the image must stir the viewer's stomach juices and make them want to order


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