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Thread: Singh-Ray Filters

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    Question Singh-Ray Filters

    hey guys gals...

    i saw the singh-ray site and looks impressive and like quite afew recomend it, well those located overseas, i.e. america.

    wonder u guys got comment on it arnot...

    or have u got a place to get a GOLD AND BLUE one... i love to see it do wad it claims to do leh... see sample i cannot believe.

    anywae... singapore no one bring in leh... but looking at thier price.. i think siao lar.. bring in oso damn ex.

    and erm oso is there similiar products made by HOYA or what?

    why i got so manny smilies.. i dunno

    any info is welcomed yea? =)

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    Interesting filter.....but damn if its expensive!

    Both Hoya and Cokin do not have this kind of filter.

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    wah...their gold filter sure or not???? the examples given macam like those slimming ads you se all over papers nowadays....

    at 180usd, it really heads the market as one of the exciting new filters...

    i will save my $$ and try to get the same effect on photoshop....

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    Arrow arhuh...

    but it seems to be quite old leh... when i was reading stuff online.. photographers recomended it tho...

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    Well, singh-ray grad filters and the late Galen Rowell are usually mentioned in the same breath, so the perceived quality are usually elevated
    As for the other creative filters, it probably can do what it claims but knowing how and when to use it is equally important. As to whether its *worth* it, that's entirely up to individual



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