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    As mentioned in my advice earlier..there is no such thing as "sure can get" Visa. Mine was rejected when I applied. Reason given "We are not issuing any visa..come back next week and we will consider".

    Better to get your ticket after visa is approved.
    Thannks for the advice. Hope the junta is in a good mood bah..
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    Hi all,

    I will going back my country (Myanmar) from this coming weekend to the end of Nov for holidays (about 2 weeks) . If time permit, will go to Bagan. If anything u need help when ur there, feel free to contact or pm me.
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    I might organise an expedition to Myanmar either in Nov2010 or Jan2011 if I can spare some leaves and I have at least 12 to go. Email me or pm me if you are keen. All are welcome.
    To view some pix of my Myanmar trip.. > Myanmar
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