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Thread: Made in "T" hailand III ......

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    Default Re: Made in "T" hailand III ......

    firers watch your front..... target up ah !

    location sent except sunday afternoon session... still thinking about it ..having second thots ...will confirm tmr

    the rest...if lost, pls call me ... cheers!

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    Default Re: Made in "T" hailand III ......

    Thanks to all that had turned up for the shoot! It was a great success! Everybody had fun! In fact, we had more than our expected turn out over the weekend! This is a good sign to us as it gives us lots of encouragement to continue doing what we are doing in helping to raise photography standards in the community.

    From the bottom of our hearts, both AhV, myself and on behalf of Tukta, we thank you for your continuous support and hope to see you again in our future shoot sessions!
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    Thank you for Ah Vee who create this photoshoot.
    Also for Bro Zeck for his great efforts, so we called him as the Remote Lightstand

    Thank you Tukta, for your special visit to Singapore, to meet all of us.
    Hope to see you again in Singapore, with another creative theme.

    Please see my low skills photos in the Portraits and Poses section

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