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Thread: Sony or Canon

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    I started off with a 350d and it was a really impressive learning camera for me. 2 years on, I sold off my canon system and was considering btw sony, pentax and oly mainly for their cheaper bodies even b4 considering in body stab. This is especially so for pentax.

    What eventually sold me over to Sony was the release of the A900. I don't own the A900 (yet...), but at least I have peace of mind that when I do decide to go full frame, I didn't have to completely change system. This of course can easily be said of canon or nikon, but end of the day, it really boils down to which one feels better in your hands and what you would likely be wanting in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ouverture View Post
    I am also a new DSLR user as I bought mine 6mths ago to improve the IQ of photos of my family and son. With this requirement in mind, I started shop for one at last year SITEX.

    Having owned several Canon pns before, my mindset was quite certain to go for 450D and have tried many times at Vivocity and quite pleased with the IQ. Another model I look to compare was D90 which was just launched that time with video, and Nikon had a good impression in my mind as it seems to be as popular as Canon ones in the market and most of my friends told me I won't go wrong with either of them.

    However, things took a 180' turn when I visited Sony booth at SITEX. When I put my hands on a300, it gave me a more solid feel than 450D which gives you a better "One thousand dollar feel" than 450D.

    My decision was more or less firm when I tried the Liveview function on a300. I used to think Liveview was just another gimmicks which is useless in these pro cameras. However, once I noticed how fast the AF works on Sony one compared to D90, my mind was made up that this is the camera that will help me compose and shoot good candid pictures of my son at home, and my wife will find it easy to use as well.

    So bottom line, I am not trying to say 450D and D90 is not good, in fact they are perfect in their own rights and in good hands can produce similar or better results. However, it just that a300 works better for me, which eventually I am the one using it, not any brothers here.

    Give yourself a free mind when shopping for one and dun think too much about lenses/accessories unless you intend to go pro. It's the usability of the equipment that will keep you using it for long period. As you can see, I dun even think of Sony as alternative but eventually bought one as my first DSLR...

    Just sharing my experience.
    my experience on choosing my first DSLR is exactly like yours, only timing is different, i got my SONY a300 at 3 mths ago, like all men, i did a lot of reseach on pro and cons of entry level DSLR before head for shop, finally, i decided to get a C450D, as average 9.5 out of 10 in almost of all reviews in website or magazines, when i try it at CANON booth, actually it feels not bad, i told salesman there, i will buy it, but i would like to go other booth to take a look, as canon booth is first booth i attend, then i go to sony, the quick AF liveview really impressed me, and the price is quite fair, at last i got a300 with two kit lens, currently i quite enjoy using 70~200mm lens especially on wild life shooting, and thinking to get a 70~300mmG lens for better shooting, to be frank, i aslo thinking to upgrade to to Nikon d300,
    as the bird shooting using D300 is so great,that you find it at website
    however, as entry level DSLR, SONY is a good choice, it explores my interests of phototaking as it is a good transition camera when you like to change from P&S camera.
    just my experience!

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    Do you have any friends into photography? Best is to get same as them then you can borrow their lenses

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    Can consider Olympus E620 ... the spec and price very attractive ...

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    am a bit confused, do you guys mean that a200 is more worth to try than a350? i heard from some other forums that a350 is worth to try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newhire View Post
    am a bit confused, do you guys mean that a200 is more worth to try than a350? i heard from some other forums that a350 is worth to try.
    I think it depends on your budget and needs, A350 has live view and tiltable screen, higher MP @14MP, but if you don't need a live view then A200 is more than enough at 10MP and don't forget A300 @10MP with live view and tiltable screen too. B&S has some A200, A300, A350 with very good prices. Well, one thing I can tell you every brand is ok, it's up to the user how you utilize it.
    I am still a happy A100 user though I have my A700 too...and don't underestimate the kit lens advice bro..PICS talk not CAM..
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    Quote Originally Posted by sabrecruz View Post
    OF COURSE CANON! Just look at sporting events - White Lenses..... On TV news, the journalists - L lenses, Need I say more?
    You're a sucker for advertising, right?

    And I'm not sure the TS will be taking landscape pictures with a $12,000 600mm lens.

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    this thread also closed to stop the brand war

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