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Thread: MS Zune multi-touch....

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    Default MS Zune multi-touch....

    have u seen this mp3 player pic?

    what do you think?

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    I think its ugly.

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    Default Re: MS Zune multi-touch....

    i find it not bad looking...sleek and minimalistic

    the metal backing makes it look a bit industrial though

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    Default Re: MS Zune multi-touch....

    Looking forward to seeing the 3.3" multi-touch OLED screen in action. Having seen Sony's OLED Tv, wow. The difference versus normal screens is astounding.

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    Default Re: MS Zune multi-touch....

    It seems okay. This should increase Microsoft's market share to 0.5 %. Apple need some real competition, as the third generation iPod touch arrives very soon.

    Is it just me or are too many companies claiming HD when they're talking about 720p?

    HD Radio is an interesting addition as it hasn't had a lot of acceptance in the U.S.A. still. Then again, the digital t.v. transition was postponed and people still refuse to wake up.


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