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Thread: HS sync -K100D

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    Default HS sync -K100D

    I'm using AF360 and a K100D. My usual off camera setup is via Phottix wireless triggers. Its all great, but there is no HS sync in this setup, which is a great limitation for outdoor (sunny) shots.

    Is there anyway to trick the AF360 to fire off in Hs-sync mode?
    I'm assuming K100D does not support Pentax wireless; Right?
    At the worst case, I go back to low tech cables, where can I get them? (ie. Pentax cables that support HS-sync)


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    Default Re: HS sync -K100D

    cable(online only) or another AF540...
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    Default Re: HS sync -K100D

    As what flowerpot said, get another Pentax flash, then you can do HS wireless.
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