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Thread: Canon or nikon

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlie82 View Post
    Hi All,

    I am very new here and new to DSLR. I am currently planning to buy a semi-SLR for my wedding and honeymoon. I understand from some saleman that the 2 brand canon and nikon is good. I not sure which brand and which semi-SLR to buy.

    Please kindly advice how can i choose.
    i recommend pentax and olympus.
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    here comes the brand wars

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    maybe PC show is nearing, everyone begins to compare, compare and compare so that they can grab any best deals that will be available during the show
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    Hi All,

    Thanks for all your advice. Power Shot SX IS???
    Should i get this one instead?

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    up to you but if you are looking for bridge camera, whatever it is do compare with the Sony HX and Panasonic LX3.
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    for me ..all DSLR is the same..
    most important is the person behind the camera ..

    if you shoot using Rule or third ..skill and everything ..for sure you can get nice photos

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    Default Re: Canon or nikon

    looks like this thread has served it's purpose
    please start a new thread if you want to discuss about bridge cameras

    be tactful with the thread title please

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