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Thread: Qn:How to blur background.

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    Default Re: Qn:How to blur background.

    its quite hard IMO to get an exciting enough bokeh. especially at the wide end.

    i did a quick PP of this using Alien Bokeh plugin on CS4.

    lasso out the subject, add bokeh to it. done.

    i din add too much a bokeh to it, anything more or creamier it will look extremely fake. i think right it its already a bit fake looking..
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    Default Re: Qn:How to blur background.

    Quote Originally Posted by luntut View Post

    nice job

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    Default Re: Qn:How to blur background.

    Thks guys,
    I'm looking for in-camera 'fix', and as I've learnt that theres no real solution, I'll consider my qn answered.

    PP solutions will require applying different blur values to varying distances, eg next vehicle, brown building, further buildings,etc. Plugins will hardly suffice, have to mask out separately.

    Thks again..

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