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Thread: SONY video cam! =)

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    Smile SONY video cam! =)

    Hi guys(N gals) those who are into videoing stuff, this is for you ya. Xim tia selling this set, but have found less and less use for it. everything bought slowly after time totaling to 2000$$!! sigh.

    anywae. . . interested buyers pls pm me, with your price, can send some pics if u guys want, just contact me. the camera and stuff is in super good condition (9.5/10) hardly any scratches or even no scratches at all. i'm a basic record and capture person so hardly do anything with the camera anywae.

    okay! looking to sell one set... all accessories are SONY original! FAWH heart pain...

    SONY mini DV camcorder

    Remote control
    Table tripod
    Box and manuals, wires, charger

    Condenser mic two zoom settings
    Wide angle converter
    additional battery pack
    64MB memory stick
    4MB memory stick

    Total set: s$1500

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    oh hee... everything.. in e-dry box... =)

    paiseh.. forget mar... =)

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    Default more info

    ok due to popular demand! haha.. i'll give u model numbers

    the mic is the ECM - HS1

    BAtts are... NP - FM30 and NP - FM50 both Li-ion =)))

    Wide angle convertor is the VCL 0630S, personally i leave it on all the time.. it does not affect my image quality.. i like this one alot. =) but it does stop down the lens lar.. that one u converter junkies know lar. =)

    Ok the mic got its own soft bag, memory sticks oso got case.. sony siao. the wide angle converter oso has its own leather case... =) or pouch or bag or wad ever u call it.. mini draw string bag? oh gosh forget it lar.. dot dot dot. sry enuff said.

    So thanks for reading! they are waiting in my drybox for u lo...!

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    Not really photography stuffs, thread moved to Kopitiam.

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    Default haha...

    haha can take pic wad...

    anywaes.... .pai seh pai seh i newbie...

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    No problem, and welcome to the Club!

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    Exclamation huh?

    no body?


    oh my gosh. . .


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