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    Default Newbe alert!

    Hello everyone - just been checking out the classifieds for the last couple of weeks, and now i see a message that maybe putting up a hello might be a good idea

    Anyhow, i am new to photography and have just acquired:

    Nikon 50mm f1.8
    Nikkon 17-55mm F3.x - 5.x VR

    Looking for a nice wide angle, and better walk around in due course, but for now snapping away at everything and learning more about the camera, and phtography in general.

    Should have started a long time ago!
    Any comments/advice - please feel free and happy to receive it.


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    Default Re: Newbe alert!

    Hi darksider, welcome to CS!

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    Default Re: Newbe alert!

    welcome to CS

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    hello and welcome to this big family.
    shoot more and post more.

    regarding a walkabout lens. i think nikkor 18-200mm VR will be good.
    for UWA i heard tokina 11-16mm f2.8 produces sharp and good quality photos.
    (anyway this are just my suggestions, always read up more and find out more before getting anything.)

    see you around.
    raphaeL xander
    my flickr

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    Default Re: Newbe alert!

    Welcome to CS

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    Hi! Welcome to CS!!!

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    Hi Gargle,

    your 17-55 should be more than sufficient for street.
    Michael Lim
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    Welcome to CS. D300...... wow..
    Nikon D90, 18-105mm VR
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    Default Re: Newbe alert!

    Hi! Welcome to the club.

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    Minolta. Konica Minolta. Sony

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    Welcome to CS.. good to hear u had start shooting non-stop fro practice

    I scratch my head in disbelief when I saw u mentioned u had a Nikkon 17-55mm F3.x - 5.x VR
    Nikon never come out a 17-55 F3.x-5.x w/ VR before but I did owned a 17-55 F2.8 before

    I think u shld be referring to 18-55 F3.x-5.x w/ VR instead..

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    Default Re: Newbe alert!

    Welcome to CS!

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    Thanks everyone for the greetings and advice.

    Over the last couple of weeks, i have begun to use my simple portrait lens more and more. i took the camera for a trip to the UK and that was when i used the walk-about lens.

    Yes you are right - silly me! Its an 18-55 lens that i have, and YES i really want a 17-55mm F2.8 lens, but a bit on the expensive side. Everyone tells me that its a one-time purchase, and will carry me through for a long time...

    Still i seem to be leaning towards portrait lens - i just love the bokeh. Sometimes i think i'm addicted to it

    This is a really great forum. Look forward to spend many years participating and "acquiring" more gear

    See you all around the forum!

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    thanks man - i am in fact looking for a tokina option. It seems the most viable choice at this time. Someone told me recently that i should definitely target in the ones that are in the low tens - i.e. 11mm. Anything like the 20mm or 24mm is not as exciting for architecture. Is this true?

    I also heard that using a wide angle for closeup shots is quite good. Any comments to help me decide?
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    Default Re: Newbe alert!

    Welcome to CS family!

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    Default Re: Newbe alert!

    Hi gargle,

    Welcome to CS !!!
    Nikon D90|N35mm f1.8G
    N12-24 f4|T90mm f2.8|T180mm f3.5

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    Default Re: Newbe alert!

    just had a weekend of fun with a sigma wide angle lens. I loved it!
    Will definitely get one of these very versatile lenses!

    Thanks for all the advice everyone!


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