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Thread: Best camera under $300?

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    Default Best camera under $300?

    Hi, any recommendations for digicams under S$300?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wombatster View Post
    Hi, any recommendations for digicams under S$300?
    depends what you want to do but if you dont need the lens changing ability and so on of a dslr, i recommend the Panazonic LZ8 compact camera. Has manual settings and a pretty intelligent auto system. The charm is that its pretty good for night shots as well. Works with AA batteries so more or less covered if you are a traveller. I got mine for less then $170 with free gift at Mustafa warehouse sale last week.
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    Are you looking for a compact PnS cam? What features do you want? Maybe you can get a 2nd hand prosumer cam which gives you better features.
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    depends on where you buy
    2nd Market or coming PC Show should get you quite a number of choices high mega-pixels digital point-and-shoot cameras going for sale

    dont expect you can get a pretty decent camera with that price... bear that in mind
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