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Thread: Mushrooms, anyone?

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    Default Mushrooms, anyone?

    Anyone keen on buying mushrooms? As in, wholesale from the farm. Me thinking of visiting a mushroom farm this Thursday...

    Update: I'm asking if people are keen to join me in visiting the farm, it's up to you if you want to buy mushrooms! If you want to take pictures of mushrooms, that's fine too. I'm not endorsing the farm cos I own it or have any vested interest. I just want my mushroom fix. okie?
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    Default Re: Mushrooms, anyone?

    can we still buy the grow-your-own mushroom sets?
    I like freaking out my parents with these... Put a lot of them somewhere prominent and the mushrooms sprout overnight.

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    Default Re: Mushrooms, anyone?

    Yes, they still sell them. But it takes a few days to sprout though. Interested to join me? It's at Mycofarm

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    Default Re: Mushrooms, anyone?

    Just an update, I'm asking if anyone's interested in visiting a mushroom farm, to look see, take pictures, buy mushrooms or starter kits to grow mushrooms. If you need a ride, pm me for details.


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