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Thread: Where to get the best exchange rate in town?

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    Question Where to get the best exchange rate in town?

    Hi all,

    Its abit depressing that the AUD keeps going up, last closed on the market at SGD$1.24 for AUD$1.00

    As such I may need to change some for my melbourne trip nxt jan, I understand that the difference is minimal as I won't be changing in excess of tens of thousands but still every dollar counts - can get me an extra meal.. :P

    Hence, anyone has any lobang in where to get the best exchange rate shop in town? Saw one shop in town going for 1.26 rate which is abit ridiculous..
    How about those in Chinatown area?

    Thanks in advance for any inputs.

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    either chinatown or change alley. but the better rates may not justify the cost of going down....


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