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Thread: Share your Paranormal Stories!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by liarliar View Post
    First incident was somewhere in 2006 in school camp.
    It was around 3-4am, we were having night event. I was walking with my group mate around the dark school. We were approaching one of the female toilets when suddenly I had this vision appearing in my head, (no joke, seriously) of a lady in white sitting inside one of the cubicles. 3 seconds later, I heard this bloody loud and sharp scream which enveloped both my ears. I asked the person beside me if he heard anything, he didn't reply. So I never knew if he did or didnt. Part of the night event maybe? I never knew...

    2nd incident was the weirdest thing I've experienced. Happened also in 2006 (somehow I had lots of encounters during this period). It was a Dempsey Road, the former Tanglin camp, just outside the MFA golf course.

    Me and my friends were walking out from the area, when suddenly for no reason my eyes were instantly fixated to a small cluster of bushes at the road junction. I felt very hard to "break away" from the attraction. As we walked on, the sensation wore off. Then suddenly from behind I heard a huge growl. I thought was some escaped animal... then few seconds later, it came closer, I turned around there was nothing and I was like "WTF" When I turned around again, the something, whatever it was growled in front of me, and there was nothing there but my group walking in front of me.

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    Here's my fair share from a few experiences from where i have worked.

    1) Sentosa - A lifeguard colleague of mine was doing night patrol duty one night and as usual we have to patrol the beaches in a buggy to make sure no one actually swims (and tries to kill themselves) after the sun has gone down. While he passed by the last tower situated at siloso beach near rasa sentosa, he saw someone sitting on top of one of our lookout towers. Thinking it was a guest who climbed up, he went over to check it out. Upon reaching, he realised that it seemed like another lifeguard who was on duty from the posture and the way the person was sitting. As my colleague got closer he realised another thing, the uniform that person was wearing was that of the old beach patrol officers some 10 years ago.... after tht the "person" just vanished...

    2) This happened to me in 2007 i was doing night shift at the hotel that i am currently working at. It was raining really heavily that night and it was around 3am in the morning when that happened. I saw 2 taxis parked at my main entrance lobby seemingly waiting for their passengers. I found something amiss when i checked and there was no depature for that night. Later on both cabbies came in and asked to check whether anyone had made a booking with me. I asked them for the name of their passengers and they said it was an automatic booking they only had the phone number.

    Upon seeing the phone number, it sent a shiver down my spine... the number given was that of my management office upstairs on the 2nd level and NO ONE was there during that time and yet both taxis captured the same phone number.....

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    Last weekend I went to a buffet dinner and I saw a lot of yau-kwee...
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    Quote Originally Posted by synapseman View Post
    Last weekend I went to a buffet dinner and I saw a lot of yau-kwee...
    lol.. me too. See lots during 10 course dinner organised by the RC.
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    i knew a security guard from one of a reputable hotel in town. i was told the hotel is very
    'dirty'. and all the hotel staffs knew it too but they are not to be review anything to the
    outsider. everything they do after sunset is 2 persons.

    dont ask me which hotel, i dont 1 2 be sued. i have no money for lawyer.
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    you all want me to continue my story? lol

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