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Thread: Nepal, share your experiences + photos

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    Default Nepal, share your experiences + photos

    yeeeh... i went there a few weeks ago and can easily say it was on of the best trips of my life... very spiritual place... especially once you get out of kathmandu..

    so yer... share your experiences and photos and any tips for people going there aye..

    here are a few from when i went trekking to the solokhumbu region..

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    Hihi, I backpacked with my hubby in Nepal during March this year and it's really the most beautiful country that I have ever been, especially in Nagarkot and Pokhara.
    However, the timing was not too good as the skies were cloudy thru out my stay so I didn't catch a good sight of the mountain range.
    I think a torch is a MUST there as I have experienced a few blackouts at the hotel lobby while I was alone and scared the hell outta me. Luckily, some hotels have their own generator and I managed to find my hubby at the other end.
    Also beware of the traffic in Thamel as there are motors, cars etc everywhere and they love to honk every now and then.

    Anyway feel free to see my photos in this thread:

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    Default Re: Nepal, share your experiences + photos

    hmm interesting... must visit this someday.. dream...


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