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Thread: Shop names and Locations

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    Default Shop names and Locations

    Hi, being relatively new to the camera shops in Singapore, i was wondering if anyone had the full names and addresses for shops that are listed on the price guide?

    Cause I have no idea what "Lord's" "MS" or "TK" might stand for or where the shops are!

    Please do assist thank you!

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    Default Re: Shop names and Locations

    Have a look at consumer corner. Pay attention to sticky threads
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    Default Re: Shop names and Locations

    use the SEARCH function

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    Default Re: Shop names and Locations

    no one's explaining
    Moldy camera, moldy lens..

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    Quote Originally Posted by xbsolut View Post
    no one's explaining
    No,we're trying to teach him how to find the info on his own. Better to guide and teach than spoonfeed.


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