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Thread: Which DSLR (For Gift)

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    ooh.. 1 thing to note.. Nikon lenses are more expensive than Canon lenses. Something which you may wan to keep in mind..
    Nikon D300

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    Appreciate all the gd advise ! u guys r really helpful. Think I gotta go out with him a few more times to test out the cams first b4 deciding. One thing is tat the D90 cost ard $500 more than the 500D . Though is my auntie pay one also cannot be too greedy. haha. Do u guys think tat the 500D is sufficient/ gd enough to cover events/weddings photography ? One of the reasons I am looking at these t models is cos of the Video Capability. Though it is a additional/ unnescessary function, I still feel tat it would be gd to have while on holidays. Of cos, dun mind cosidering other models with video as well, such a the 40D or 50D .

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    40D and 50D both have no video recording modes.

    No need to worry about weddings for now with regards to the 500D. I'm jumping to conclusions here, but by the time your brother is ready to cover weddings proper, he'd have already switched to another camera.

    Anyway, lenses are more important than camera bodies in a way.

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    sorry typo error. I mean dun mind considering models without Video recording

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