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Thread: URGENT REMINDER - ClickArt 2003

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    Quote Originally Posted by sebastiansong
    This event was originally scheduled for April but Sars and other commitments prevented it from being held. The replacement date was set in December and frankly there is never a good time. If you are committed you will attend.
    agree no less... with commitment you will make it a priority.
    I mention a priority.

    But there may be other priorities that turn up in this traditionally hectic period for photography business and holiday. Not taking into account that companies may also want to have year end retreats during a time when school holidays are around and parents can bring their kids along.

    Yeap.. April was originally the time. But why don;t they make it in another month that is not a peak period for photographic business?

    ANyway, I have to forgo this event too.. and very disappointed as I had to attend to some urgent appointment overseas. i had looked forward to it from Jan 2003. Then came Sars. Then came notice of my attendance in an overseas meeting in Nov 2003.

    I can imagine many photographers missing out as they could be shooting weddings on the weekend. Many people could also have made plans to travel for holidays.
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    Default Hi Larry

    Quote Originally Posted by Larry
    arthur, just 2 points to address your post.

    IMHO, the problem was not the prohibitive cost of the seminar, but that people were simply not committed to it. i mean, the prices was already post up for all to see, so everyone should be aware of it. there's no hidden costs AFAIK (other than the 2% extra if you pay via CC). personally i think alot of people take CS and these special arrangements for granted. after all it's just a public forum - can just put your name first, no harm.

    2ndly, i really don't think that ClickArt is expensive at all. most seminars range in the thousands of dollars (event organisers and conference regulars will know), and they may not feature speakers of Clickart's standards, or even interactive workshops for that matter. just for comparison, a basic course at PSS is already $100+++ ($120 IIRC), and one at Objectifs is $300++. so i hardly think $300++ for a top-notch 3-day full seminar is expensive.
    Hi Larry.
    Point noted. Have you attended any of their seminar before?
    Hopefully the speakers would be able to bring their stuff down to our level.

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    Let's learn from Click Art's organisation.
    First, I registered and paid up in early, I think sometime in Apr. Then there was the SARS outbreak and I was inform of the postponement. Last month, they email to me to confirm my choice of medium for that event and a photo for the pass and the shoot out. They also mentioned that i have a refund which was to be returned on the day of registration (today). I replied and asked when I can get my refund, hoping to get it early but it fall on deaf ears. My payment was paid by cheque in full and don't understand why can't they return me the refund in a crossed cheque and also after 6 months.

    This morning I was at Raffles City Convention Hall at 8.20am to register. All participants was given a document case with 2 rolls of Fuji Velvia 100F, usual details papers, invitation cards to opening of Imaging Asia, closing ceremony, etc in it, 2 polo-T, and a file with write outs on Fuji(kind sponsor of Flims). I asked for a carrier to put all the items in and was given a negative answer. Just imaging how a photog with a camera bag gonna move around with all this in a shoot out???
    Then I asked where do i go from there, and was told that "Suntec City to witness the opening of Photo & Imaging Asia", and be back for the 1st seminar at 11.00am.

    I made my way home to keep all those "unneccessary items" so that i can have my hands free for the shoot out.

    I should be on my way back to Raffles convention hall soon.

    Let's learn from others' mistakes.

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