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    Just wondering do you guys do your own home print or take it to the photo shop. If home print, which printer gives best quality prints. (maybe based on max A4 size).


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    Most of the time I send to shop for print.
    I tried once on Canon Selphy printer (the smallest one, only print 4 R), belongs to someone else.

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    Default Re: Home print of your photograph

    i'm using canon selphy cp760.. quite accurate color reproduction n resolution but prints onli 4r though

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    I would rather go to the photo lab or shop to print.
    I go to the No.1 Colour Centre (Konica lab).

    It seems to be quite good prints.
    @ 25cents/print (below 100pcs)
    @ 20cents/print (100 n abv)
    5R n 6R prints @ $1 print.
    8R or S8R @ $3.

    (if you don't want them to adjust your colours and brightness/contrast etc., tell them "normal print")

    If I print at home, the photo paper already costs me 20 to 30cents.
    Quality of photo not as good as prints from photo labs/shops.


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