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Thread: Patterns on a boardwalk

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    Taken at changi boardwalk.
    Girlfriend says no1 has clouds that doesn't add anything to the photo, so she prefers no2.
    I feel that the horizontal lines are like a ladder that leads to the poofy clouds, and adds a feeling of oppennes to it.

    Anybody want to take sides? Also comments on composition gladly accepted. Still learning to see.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Patterns on a boardwalk

    perhaps if you shifted the camera to give more emphasis to the shadow of the railing and less on the actual railing, the photo's perspective might turn out more interesting.

    you know what, the railing is a common object, so by showing more of it in the frame would not make the photo more eye-catching. what is eye-catching would be the shadow with a repetitive pattern.

    just my 2 cents.

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    Default Re: Patterns on a boardwalk

    I prefer #2 as well. However, I feel that you've cropped too close to the stone railings from the top of the picture.


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