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Thread: Pt. Loma Lighthouse

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    Default Pt. Loma Lighthouse

    Picture taken at Old Pt. Loma Lighthouse in San Diego, CA couple of years back.
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    By the way, anyone can tell me how to have the picture displayed right in the message instead of a link? Or perhaps it can't be done for pictures hosted by Thanks.

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    Hi kssim,

    There is an "IMG" button in the "vB Code" section above the edit box when you are editing the post. Press that button and a dialog box will pop up asking you for the URL of the pic. Just copy and paste the link to your picture in. Btw, your pics need to be on a web server that allows direct linking, and is not one of them.

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    very nicely taken photo. The shape of the building is very nice and the tone of the sky is magnificent.


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