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Thread: Strangers that I've met..

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    Default Strangers that I've met..

    ..via Clubsnap.

    Hi there, anyone wanna help me filling my 'What do you want to be Strange*R?' passport? It's a booklet I got from Singapore Arts Festival =) It says this part must be provided by a stranger (well, in this case, Clubsnap stranger)

    Pm me if you can with the following answers:

    1. Name (or whatever you want to be called):

    2. Location where we met (street name or name of place): In this case, Clubsnap

    2. What is an object that comes to you mind at this moment?

    3. Why do you think of this object?

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    Default Re: Strangers that I've met..

    dun be lazy lah... just go to the street and look for someone to chat with, ur act defeat their purpose.
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    Default Re: Strangers that I've met..

    such posts allowed? seems similar to a survey, which CS doesnt allow IIRC


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