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Thread: 18-135mmED or 18-105mmED VR lens

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    Default 18-135mmED or 18-105mmED VR lens

    Please suggest me
    i used 18-135mm lens and it's quite nice and now i m changing into 18-105mm VR but some people don't like that as D90's kit lens.
    Please advice me.

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    Default Re: 18-135mmED or 18-105mmED VR lens

    what do you feel most comfortable ? are you ok loosing 30mm ? there isnt much difference just a VR lens and non Vr. for that extra 30mm you can just move a few steps so ultimately it depends on you.

    if you've got the 18-135 just use it. if u've got the 18-105 kit lens also with the d90, choose either and sell one to get some $$

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    Default Re: 18-135mmED or 18-105mmED VR lens

    i've been using the 18-105. just because it is a kit lens, then we question it's quality? it is a good performing lens ( if you're not picky). a good general lens. but ultimately is up to you. have a go at each lens and come to a conclusion. what is right for me might not be right for u.

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