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    Would like to seek some advice form the veterans on setting up photographic equipment business. This would probably be a camera shop selling the basic equipments. However, I'm unsure how or where to start first with the inventory. Will the recognised brands consign their equipments or there is a need to buy the inventory from them?

    Also, if anyone is keen in partnership, can pm me. We can discuss the opportunity further.

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    it is not easy, has been seeing many people come and go over the years.

    anyway, you can try online store, start with a few popular items, and slowly expend your inventory.
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    As they say, the "barriers of entry" seems quite high. This may represent an opportunity also...

    I dont think most mfg will work with consignments anymore. The market is also quite saturated. The better way may be to do online business and get some local stores to carry and stock some products (Where you give them consignments).

    Good luck!
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    those gone. bee loh, schmidt scientific, etc. any more?

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    Thanks guys for the feedback.
    Without consignment, the barrier of entry is very high...


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