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    Hi guys,

    Just wondering, how important is monitor calbiration for hobbyist, and is it necessary to use the likes of spyder and stuff to do it or is there a cheaper alternative?

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    If you don't trust eye calibration, then it's time to get a calibrator.
    Going to buy 1 in a few days time.

    You'll not need it if you aren't picky about colour accuracy.
    Personally, I'm getting it mainly for 2 reasons,
    1. Sometimes when I get my pics back, there's some colour shift, dunno if it's the print lab(s) or my pics.
    (Most of the time it's fine but in some occasions it can get quite bad)
    2. I can't ascertain if it's my cam or my monitor is the limiting factor when it comes to highlights.
    Can't correct nor try to save what I can't see, it may just end up worse if I try.


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