I was looking at my Canon powershot A40 today, and it read "5.4mm-16.2mm" which gives an angle of view of a 35mm equivalent of a 35-105mm lens. And then I remembered that I posted once before on clubsnap with regards to the question ... "does a 50mm lens on a DSLR make a good portrait lens, since it gives a close approximation to the 85mm focal length in terms of magnification and angle of view?". The answer I got from the many clubsnappers was NO, and I agree fully, that despite giving an angle of view of a 75mm lens, it still preserves the perspective of a 50mm lens. Which means, you dont get that telephoto compression effect. Now...... looking back at my Canon Powershot A40, at the wide end, despite giving an angle of view of a 35mm lens, why despite having a 5.4mm focal length, it does not give that extreme exaggeration in depth that wide angles give ? Any thoughts ?