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Thread: Lightroom &/vs Photoshop CS4

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    I guess, this might seem like a very basic question to some of the experts out there. But I have never ventured to serious digital photography before and contemplating to do so now.

    Just wanted to know what are the key differences/similarities between Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS4 (apart from price tag of course)? Is there a major overlap, is CS4 just an advanced version of Lightroom, or are they mutually exclusive?

    I am primarily am interested in doing
    (i) some basic- to intermediate- pixel level editing of RAW(.CS2)/ JPEG images (incl. sharpening, tones, brightness, contrast adjustments, some HDR probably),
    (ii) organizing of photos as per criteria and
    (iii) structured archiving of old photos.

    Dont want to end up buying a wrong/ irrelevant software. Any help greatly appreciated. Thx much.

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    Default Re: Lightroom &/vs Photoshop CS4

    Sounds like you need Lightroom 2 (2.3) and save your $
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    Default Re: Lightroom &/vs Photoshop CS4

    LR; except HDR

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    Default Re: Lightroom &/vs Photoshop CS4

    Thanks all for the advice. Bought LR.


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