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Thread: Compact Camera with good macro

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    Hi all,

    I came across this sony cybershot t100 which as a compact camera produced quite a good macro shot (i guess because of its magnifying glass mode feature). Since sony has discontinued this model, I'm seaching for one that has such similar feature. (other brands also fine) Any recommendations from bros here for a compact point and shoot camera which has good macro feature ? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Compact Camera with good macro

    Why not check out the T700 or T900?
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    HI TS,
    currently i am using a T series as well, older model was ur mentioned fav, t100, wanted to get the t300 but was discontinue. The model in had i am using was the t77 (super slim version), the current t series model make no diff from the t77 (which is now replace by t90/l). frankly there is no different between these t77 or t99 model, except the t99 comes with 12mp, t77 comes with 10mp, int mem: t99: 11 mb, t77 15mb, LCD is teh same 3", other details like fps and burst mode / interval is very small difference between the 2. other things like focusing t99 is intelligent, while t77 offers: monitoring and single af. also price wise is abt 100 different wor, if u go for t900 the difference is more.... (abit bo hua)

    In short i can say if u like mirco mganifying all T series should have now.
    In terms of feel when holding i prefer the t900, as it provides a very solid feel
    in terms of pictures quality, i will not see a difference between both of them, as i do not print my pictures usually espically up to 12mp
    for a feel of what the t77 can do u can pop over to this link and look under pierce reservior section and look at some of the macro i tested (still testing this cam to bring out its potential)

    hope it answer most of ur query

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    i got a t100, yea its good and focus nicely, but since there is always newer model, so thy not check them out?
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    Hi Wjzkev,

    Thanks for your detailed explanation and reference photos. Have u try taken a macro shot on an insect ? I've seen a t100 macro shot (with magnifying glass mode) on a spider and it turns out very nice ( u can even see tiny hairs on the spider !) If the new T series sony can do that, I wont mind getting one. I guess only the T900 can do that but its kind of ex.

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    hmmm insect i have not try cos they move alot hahaha

    but u can see the clie for example, taken with in P mode maninly and macro on some are not even macro magnify yet. but in my own view, there is no regret for the t series as it can do wat i mainly wanted before i move onto the Alpha .....

    by the way have to note is that even with marco mode on u still have limited distance as it cause blurness, so to take a spider and can see the hair on its leg this i really have to try liao cos "that thing may not pose" for me to take hehehehehehee
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    Most P&S will have a good macro. I used Canon Ixus. It really capture nice Macro photos.


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