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Thread: Websites before your departure for FRANCE

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    Default Websites before your departure for FRANCE

    Institut de France & le pont-des-arts, Paris, France (Finepix S100FS)

    May i suggest that every buddy post here the links to great websites she or he knows about France : so that Clubsnappers can refer to when looking for nice photography spots abroad.

    As i live in France, i start posting, fell free to complete the list if you agree to the idea :

    1 -
    Over 500 pictures shoot by 5 french-speanking landscapes photographers in 9 countries and more. Most pictures are full exifs.

    2 -
    Website of Frédéric Lefebvre, mostly about nordic lanscapes. Frederic is a good friend of mine. He 's very smart. Fell free to contact him for he knows nice landscapes spots in France. English version available.

    3 -
    Haut Rouergue landscapes by Arnaud Millot and some more noticeable links

    4 -
    Hautes Pyrénées landscapes by Isabelle Cardon

    5 -
    Pyrénées landscapes by Jean-Paul Falguières

    5b -
    Pyrénées landscapes by Jean Christophe Moudens

    7 -
    Mountain landscapes by high mountain professional guide and photographer Jean-françois Hagenmuller. Jean-François can take you for outdoor classes. English version available

    8 -
    Vercors and french Alpen landscapes by Guillaume Laget

    9 -
    Website of french Cédric Chassagne, a good friend of mine living in Tarn (south of France). Cédric can take you for outdoor classes : macro, landscape, digital darkroom training,...

    10 -
    French Alpen panoramic landscapes by Antoine Berger. Antoine can take you for outdoor classes too.

    11 -
    Numerous panoramic landscapes of France, including Paris, by Thierry Vallet

    12 -
    Panoramic landscapes of East of France (=Vosges) by wildlife photographer Bernar Bischoff

    Panoramic landscapes, including Paris, by Arnaud Frich. English version available and exhaustive tutorials about panoramic techniques : a must.

    14 -
    Website and blog of the most famous french seasides photographer Philipp Plisson, «*the eyes of the sea*» and «*peintre de la marine*». You will find everything about the sea and its peoples all over the world, including Brittany, Normandy or either french coast landscapes. English version available.

    I hope you appreciate,

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    Default Re: Websites before your departure for FRANCE

    Fabulous links for the fantastic pictures.

    Many thanks. Merci beaucoup!
    Do not be afraid [of ghost and bullies] Shoot them......

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    nice take...we can do the same in Singapor lo


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