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Thread: "there are only good and bad photos"

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    i won't know about all those, i think we will see "a young lady shaking her long hairs along the beach" quite a lot here, less so of "kids blowing soap bubbles".. not that many motorcyles jumping across rings of fire or mountains here....

    but i think it does make sense, what he is trying to say is that, if the composition and idea has been overabused and overused - for singapore, it may be shots of the esplanade, the merlion. to make these overphotographed locations stand out, you will need something more than the usual... like i would say, exceptional light, or exceptional composition, or both.
    thanks for sharing your thoughts in the second para!

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    I was an Assistant Photographer in the Commercial Industry, then I received my training in a Salon Club, My mentor says my style is contemporary... and I am more inspired to shoot photojournalist style. What the F! What am I shooting!?!?!?

    I must say so far I think Singapore has these 4 field of photographic 'domian'??. Wander if there is more.

    Good Photos - Worth a 3rd Look
    Bad Photos - Glance and most prob will forget in minutes.

    KEEP Creating Good Photos!


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