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Thread: NR from DPP into LR2

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    Default NR from DPP into LR2

    hey guys.

    i just found out that canon's digital picture pro has much better RAW ISO noise reduction capability.

    i also use LR2 with its presets to quickly process and develop my pictures.

    intuitively i thought that by reducing noise in DPP and then saving it would mean that the RAW would have the reduced noise.

    but upon opening with LR2, there seems to be no change in the noise levels of the RAW file.

    am i doing something wrong? or is LR2 reading the file differently from how it was saved?

    appreciate any help.

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    Default Re: NR from DPP into LR2

    NR is only applied to an exported RAW file.

    So you export from DPP as 16-bit TIFF. And then continue in LR/PS with your editing.


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