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Thread: Hello fellow photographers

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    Default Hello fellow photographers

    hows everyone doin?
    im a 16 year old i know its young but they say start young so i did..... out of woodbridge NJ
    brand new to photography got a nikon D1 from an uncle whos a professional photographer but a complete a**hole and wont teach his nephew...any way i managed to teach myself more or less and found that this camera is truely amazing i have 3 different lens
    AF nikkor 28-85mm
    nikkor 50mm
    i believe a 70-300mm LDO Marco Quantaray
    2 batterys, a charger, 2 memory cards or 1 gb a small tripod
    sadly no flash yet...but when i get a job i will save towards a flash

    i have made several pictures of which im proud of...

    now come the questions..... can i keep my hands steady enough to take quality pictures?
    2.for a series of pictures in order do i necessarily need a flash...for example an athlete jumping

    thats about it i hope to learn alot and will post several pictures somewheere on this forum most likely critque forum
    Thanks everyone
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    Default Re: Hello fellow photographers

    Hi! welcome to CS!!!

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    Default Re: Hello fellow photographers

    Minolta. Konica Minolta. Sony

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    Default Re: Hello fellow photographers

    Hi, welcome to CS!

    First, u need some weight lifting training...

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    Default Re: Hello fellow photographers

    Welcome to CS!

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    Hi wysoczanski,

    for the steady hands, it's all in the breathing method. Read up on this, it's also similar to weapon handling where one squeezes the trigger as you breathe out. Try it out, hold the camera in both hands properly, breathe in and as you exhale slowly, you depress the shutter button.

    Now, the next query, you won't need a flash if the subject is properly illuminated with good lighting... if it's an indoor even or when the light is poor, then you may need a flash.
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    well yes to weight lifting but i can hold the camera fine just my hands are extremely shaky i dont know if its just the fact im not usd to the whole camera thing yet....

    as to the breathing method i have tried it with some great shots i guess just more practice and more time breathing calmly may help me out...i paintball and know how all that fun stuff works as do my family we own a crossbow so breathing is quiet a thing i know

    thanks for the help hope to learn more

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    Default Re: Hello fellow photographers

    welcome im 14 ^^


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