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Thread: Depth of View on Compact Camera

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    Default Depth of View on Compact Camera

    I understand that longer focal length can produce much softer depth of view. But my camera can only zoom until 3x (23.4 mm actual). If I add a 1.7x zoom adapter, will the depth of view much softer? Or just another zoom in and won't affect the depth of view.

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    Hmm... what camera are you using?? yeah, with a adapter, the DOF is shallower, at the tele-photo end. But still, if you wanna achieve those "pro bokeh", 90mm -100mm would actually be a better number..

    Consumers cameras are rather hard to achieve a pretty bokeh.. What you can do is zoom all the way out, as in to 23.4, put your Teleconverter, then focus on an object with your minimal focal length, that should give you the "bestest" bokeh, i hope..


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