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Thread: Noob in marketplace...need help.

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    Default Noob in marketplace...need help.

    Just started browsing around the market place here and realise that the second hand price w/o warranty for many items in wts thread is actually just 20% or less cheaper than the brand new price in retail shops. Is that the real target price that the seller really wants or is that the price that we start bargaining down from? I mean for instance, selling a body that has been used for a while and already out of warranty for 1.4k when the brand new is 1.8k. Or selling a kit with expired warranty for 1.2k when brand new from retail shop is only 1.5k. Is there a unwritten norm for looking at the price like in those thailand nite markets where prices quoted to you are "flexible"? Really sorry for asking such a question coz I am not too sure about the rules and norms in the marketplace here.

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    Well it depends.The factors that affect the prices are of condition , accesories , warrenty , seller's price preference.Some might state (fixed) it just means that this is the lowest price. But if you wanna top up to 'fight' with the other buyer,of course its welcomed.If they say starting it means that this is the lowest bid. And would stop iff the price of "BNP" is reached,which means the maximum price and the seller would sell it to the first person who reach this price.If they just say the price like for say,400,then you can try to bargain if you find the price is unreasonable.But always offer a reasonable price.For me,I would start of with 80-50 depending on the item,then I slowly negotiate with the buyer.Remember always do your study.Check out the prices others offer before buying 2 weeks before.

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    Ha ha, I guess for those common seller won't want to reveal too much here

    It really depends. If you are seller, you can just reduce the price to 15%, wait for others to bargain. You can wait for like one month, until you really give up, since nobody willing to buy.

    If you are buyer, you can try to reduce the price, but for some hot item with good resell value, usually seller will not want to reduce the price, they will state 'fix' or similar terms.

    View more B&S section, you will find out more.


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