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Thread: 1st dslr - Nikon d60 or d5000?

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    Default Re: 1st dslr - Nikon d60 or d5000?

    then again the choice is TS's

    we can only go as far as to advise her

    and to TS: you mind telling us what you will be shooting?

    this way we can recommend you the appropriate cam and lens
    Pentax K-x

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    Default Re: 1st dslr - Nikon d60 or d5000?

    You can consider a Pentax Km or K200D.

    Solid build quality
    Shake Reduction
    Low cost for easy entry into DSLR photography
    Full range of camera functions (includes lens drive motor, spot metering)
    Very good prime lenses
    Easy use of older legacy lenses (some legendary) and are really cheap

    Do check out the forums of the various brands to find out more.

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    Default Re: 1st dslr - Nikon d60 or d5000?

    Quote Originally Posted by janech18 View Post
    Hi! which would u all recommend? I am a newbie and want something which i can pick up... went to audio house to look at both... i like d60 for it is lighter, but doesnt have live view.. and the uncle tell me the video in d5000 sucks...
    I juz wanna take up as a hobby.. which would u recommend?? or i am open to other brands too.. any recommendation?
    d5000 cost 1,299.. so i think tats the max budget i have.... and visiting such shops as i would like to get the cam via installment...
    Pls advise! Thanks!!
    if only btw these 2 models tat u r looking at... get the D5000 from the shops listed in this forum, u might be able to save some money off the RRP... D5000 is newer model against D60... therefore technologically more advance... this reason is good enough reason already.... the video function is there for u to perfect the usage... just like driving a car, same car, a race driver can corner at 80km/hr, whereas a family man uncle might only be able to corner at 40km/hr... cheers...
    life is but a dream...

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    Default Re: 1st dslr - Nikon d60 or d5000?

    I think TS has been given more than enough advice to make his head swim with all the details.

    TS, try and digest what others have said here and if you have any further questions just let us know

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