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Thread: 2nite motorcross settings

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    Default 2nite motorcross settings

    Hi all, I'm sure most of you guys are aware of the motorcross event happening tonight. More info here :

    What settings should I use for the event?
    Especially the ISO part.

    I sure hope the weather will be fine 2nite..

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    ISO depends on what kind of lens you have...

    if you wanna freeze the motion, definitely need at least 1/500s.....very likely more...

    so depending on what kind of lens u have and the lighting present on the riders, you can be looking at at least ISO 1600 or more...?

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    If still got daylight, maybe need to use flash to compensate for the bright backlight when they are up in the sky. If night, maybe use spot metering to accurately expose the riders and bikes as matrix metering might fool the camera into exposing for the night sky instead. And maybe use af-c to keep the fast moving bikes in focus.


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